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The ACIDLOOP Case Studies contain information on resource efficiency measures which have been implemented in various companies. Each Case gives details on the situation prior to the intervention, the measures applied and the benefits obtained. The Case Studies are thought to showcase improvement potentials with relevant figures, such as investment sum, savings obtained and payback period. They can thus inspire SMEs to also realize such savings and serve as credentials that such improvements are possible.


Case Study    

Case Study 1: Waste Reduction - Brass Chip Collection

Details: Guard provided on machine to avoid coolant spillage and chips on the floor resulting in proper brass chips collection.

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Case Study 2: Energy and Water Savings - Reducing Heat Loss

Details: Insulation of top surface of different baths in an automobile component manufacturer company.

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Case Study 3: Energy Savings - Reduced Consumption of Energy

Details: Mirror manufacturer re-arranges bricks in the oven to save energy.

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Case Study 4: Energy Savings - Process Optimisation

Details: A Compressed air system is replaced by a simple low wattage blower fan in a confectionary producer plant.

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Case Study 5: Water Savings - Reduced Water Consumption in SME Electroplating Plant

Details: Conductivity profile of rinse water in an electroplating SME was monitored over three months and the flow rate optimised. Operators were trained to measure conductivity as a basis for the flow rate.

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Case Study 6: Water Savings - Reduced Water Consumption

Details: High  water  consumption  in  the  degreasing process of an automobile component manufacturing company was improved by setting up a cascading system.

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Case Study 7: Energy Savings - Process Optimisation

Details: Heavy  energy  consumption  in  a  rubber  and plastic  moulding  SME was reduced by applying various measures.

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Case Study 8: Energy Savings - Process Optimisation

Details: Significant steam losses from various applications in a tyre and tube manufacturing company were achieved by installing flow meters.

Case Study  

Case Study 9: Energy Savings and Productivity - Reducing Heat Losses and Process Optimisation

Details: A reactor in a pharmaceutical plant with thermic fluid in the jacket was imprived in various ways to reduce the energy consumption and increase productivity.

Case Study  

Case Study 10: Energy Savings - Reduced Consumption of Energy

Details: The ID fan was stopped and draft was controlled by a damper to  optimise combustion in the heating system of a pharmaceutical plant.

Case Study  

Case Study 11: Energy Savings - Process Optimisation

Details: By raising the tank in an effluent system in a pharmaceutical industry the usage of the pump could be avoided.





ACIDLOOP is a 4-year project (2012-2016) supported by the European Union (EU) under the SWITCH Asia Programme. This programme emphasizes sustainable consumption and production in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). ACIDLOOP is targeted specifically at the Indian metal finishing industry.  It aims to introduce technology innovation for acid recovery as well as resource efficiency that would lead to improved environmental quality and combat pollution.  The activities is taking place in various locations in northern, western and southern India.


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